Late night musings 

My first time writing in four months my grammar is appalling

Eminem- Stan.

Fan ta skolan

psykodynamisk said: Du är så himla värdefull och fin. Kramar från en random Tumblr-vän. <3

Men åh tusen tack! Vad glad jag blir! Detsamma, all kärlek till dig ❤️

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Inside of me lives a civil war between me and me. It is amazing, because I am all the time winning and all the time losing. Bshayer F.R   (via skeezd)

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Håkan hellström- Ramlar på We Heart It.
If the person you choose doesn’t make you laugh then what the fuck are you doing? jfc (via im-not-doing-okay)

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Everything you love is here


i need some physical affection and 3 bottles of vodka 

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I’m afraid I’m easy to forget. Six Word Story (via jappan)

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